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 Straightening Treatments & Shaping

STS Treatment

Strengthening Therapy System last up to 12 weeks - formaldehyde free)


GK Treatment

(Global Keratin Treatment last for up to 12 weeks - contains lo levels of formaldehyde)


Virgin Relaxer

(Natural hair is chemically relaxed permanently)


Relaxer ReTouch

(New growth is chemically relaxed)


Women’s Hair Cut

(Your hair is cut to create a new style or maintain an existing style)


Extensions/Wig Shaping

(Your wig is given a customer shape for your face shape and style goals)




Bonded Extensions 

(Commercial hair is bonded with a latex-based adhesive)


MicroLink SewIn

(MicroLinks threaded on hair to create base for sewing)


Partial SewIn

(Traditional SewIn on a braided base, below the brows with maximum LeaveOut)


Full SewIn

(Traditional SewIn on a braided base with minimal LeaveOut)


W/ Closure 

(PreMade piece applied to SewIn or Wig for minimum/no LeaveOut)


W/ Frontal

(PreMade piece applied to SewIn or Wig for minimum/no LeaveOut)


Faux (/fō/) Part

(Final Wefts are covered with individual strands for a false part)


Platinum Seamless Tape Extensions

(PreMade extensions with adhesive applied to hair for the most natural feeling extensions)


(PreMade Extensions with Clips attached applied to hair during styling for fullness, length or added colour)


Custom LaceFront Wig

(Unit made from hair of your choice)


Custom UPart Wig

(Unit made from hair of your choice)


Colour Extensions

(Qualifying Virgin Extensions can be colored to fit your complexion and style g



Shampoo & Style

(Thermal Styling on Chemically Processed hair)


Silk Press 

(Thermal Styling on Natural hair)


"Pressure Set”

(TwistOut, RollerSet, RodSet)



(Hair is stretched to prep for another styling process - or - Hair is dried and styled simultaneously with a round brush, NO thermal irons)


Individual Twists

(Hair is DoubleStrand, Finger Coiled or Comb Twisted)



(Ends Trim or Total Length Transformation)


Colour EdgeUp

(Cover the gray around your perimeter and in your part)


Relaxer EdgeUp

(Chemically relax your perimeter or “LeaveOut”)


STS or GK EdgeUp

Strengthening Therapy System or Global Keratin

(Non-Chemical Treatment applied to your perimeter or “LeaveOut”)




SemiPermanent/Colour Gloss

(lasts 2-4 shampoos, offers color enhancement, shine and conditioning)


DemiPermanent Colour

(lasts 6-8 shampoos, offers color enhancement, shine and conditioning)


Single Process Colour

(permanent colour that will change your natural color, offers 2-3 shades of lightness, shine and conditioning)


Double Process Colour

(2 processes that show more vibrant, trendy tones)


Colour Accent

(4-5 foiled highlights for a subtle or bold look)


Partial HighLights/LowLights

(Half the head coloured with 6-12 foils}


Full HighLights

(Entire head coloured with 13+ foils)



(FreeHand HighLighting technique that creates gradient color melting)


Vivid/Trend Colour

(True tones that are applied on PreLightened hair)



Deep Conditioning Treatments

Moisture/Oil Treatment

(Custom cocktail of oils and/or cream conditioners to address seasonally or chronically dry, dull, lifeless hair)


Protein/Restructuring Treatment

(Custom cocktail of fortifying conditioners to address excessive shedding or repair chemically distressed hair)


Scalp Treatment

(Custom blend of oils and/or an exfoliant to address scalp dryness, tightness , flaking and some thinning)















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