Nadling P.(Master Stylist)

I was born and raised in Chicago, I have wanted to do hair ever since I can remember. When I was eight I recall getting in trouble for cutting my Barbie doll’s hair! I started styling hair in the back of my mothers basement. I have twenty years as a hair stylist and I am committed to optimal hair care. I continually increase my knowledge about the latest trends and methods in hair treatment.
      I aim to increase the confidence of all of my clients. I complete a personal asessment of each invividual client to determine what is needed. I have always had a passion for hair and making people feel better about themselves. It has been a long standing belief of mine that there is no such thing as bad hair, and I feel it’s my job to bring out its natural beauty. I have been active in the salon industry for over 20 years and my hunger for learning is insatiable. I participate in cosmetology competitions, fashion shows, and photo shoots.
      My number one priority is to make an immediate and long term enhancement to your beauty. The produ cts we deploy are chosen with the specific texture and grade of the hair of the client. At Salon Pressure we create a stress-free environment for your pampering needs. All of our staff are engaged in on-going hair-care training. We will love your hair to life.

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Dashana H.(Manager)

I am a Chicago native with a passion for service, I am the reservationist for salon pressure.I will handle all of your scheduling needs. Here at salon pressure we believe that the client always comes first. I have been in the customer service industry for 15+ years. I started my customer service career with Draper and Kramer Realty, moved on to work for Ceda and then Iended up working for the Center for Disease Control before I found my home here at Salon Pressure.
      When im not working at Salon Pressure I enjoy singing poetry and traveling. My number one priority is to make your experience at Salon Pressure as seamless as possible.

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